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Bleeding Edge. Someone decided that his product or service was so cutting-edge that a new term needed to be created. It did not. Unless you are inventing a revolutionary bladed weapon, leave this one alone.

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Pinball machines have lots of moving parts. Many of them buzz and clank and induce migraine headaches. Do you want your business to run, or even appear to run, like a pinball machine?

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Then do not say it involves lots of moving parts. This expression is so phony it churns the stomach. This is jargon for being productive or successful in a short period of time. A scalable business or activity refers to one that requires little additional effort or cost for each additional unit of output. Example: Making software is a scalable business building it requires lots of effort up front, while distributing a million copies over the Web is relatively painless. Venture capitalists crave scalable businesses. They crave them so much that the term now has become more annoying than the media's obsession with celebrity diets.

This refers to a method or technique that delivers superior results compared with other methods and techniques. It is also perhaps the single most pompous confection the consulting industry has ever dreamed up. Think Outside the Box. This tired turn of phrase means to approach a business problem in an unconventional fashion. Kudos to a Forbes. This word has come to mean everything from the traditional way to solve a mathematical proof to a suite of efficiency-enhancing software--and it is the epitome of lingual laziness. Says Glen Turpin, a communications consultant: "It usually refers to a collection of technologies too abstract or complex to describe in a way that anyone would care about if they were explained in plain English.

Meet the granddaddy of nouns converted to verbs. This painful expression refers to a specific area of expertise. If you're not wielding a grappling hook, avoid this meaningless expression.

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Finally she asked for clarification. This otherwise harmless adjective has come to suggest a product or service with a virtually endless capacity to please. A cup of good coffee is robust. A software program is not.

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Too many proposals are centered around the proposing agency - me, me, me - and the potential client and their problem gets lost in all the talk about how awesome you are. The final step is where you get to be the hero with your brilliant solution. Detail your solution. Plain language makes your proposal easier to understand, easier to remember, and easier for the reader to say yes.

Use simple, concrete terms that readers can picture instead of difficult abstract ones they can't.

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Use simple terms, or if you really need to use an abstract term, make sure you explain it. For example, maybe you enthusiastically wrote to a client or someone on your team about a potential new project:. We all skim when we read. We don't read every sentence or even every word of every sentence. Linking words can make concise sentences into complex ones. It can also make you sound kind of pretentious. For the purpose of this project, and in the event it is determined we require more information, we will assume the role of your customer and conduct an audit of your website.

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If we need more information, we will conduct an audit of your website from the perspective of your customer. The active voice clearly identifies an action and who is performing that action. For example, if you were writing a proposal and wanted to brag about the awesome campaign your agency developed, which do you think is the more powerful statement?

An online campaign was developed that resulted in bringing in new monthly subscribers. Our team of digital experts developed an online campaign that brought in new monthly subscribers.